Strategy, design and management of the corporate digital ecosystem –website and blog, website and app for customers and the employee intranet–.

In 2008 we redesigned the company’s corporate website, responding to the needs of communication with its stakeholders (Shareholders and Investors, Press, Customers and Society).

With the aim of enhancing the digital channel from a commercial perspective, in 2013 we designed and managed Iberdrola’s website focused on its clients, built under three main strategic bases: optimizing the positioning of products and services, generation and increase of contacts with current and potential customers and the provision of a means of recruitment and permanent attention channel with customers. We also launched the mobile App for customers, available on iOS and Android, designed with a strong focus on optimizing user experience and interaction.

Meanwhile, numerous projects have been carried out. PR projects like (www.visitavirtualtorreiberdrola), the sponsorship of the Spanish National Team and the definition and design of OLS (on line Shareholders), the communication channel with the Company’s Shareholders..