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The design of the experience is the bridge between
what you offer and the people you offer it to.

It begins with a thorough observation process to understand the needs of the people to whom your product or service is directed.

It must result from an iterative process, with various leves of prototyping and validation.

And affect each and every one of the touchpoints through which we channel the offer (from mobile to physical).

We create, launch and manage contents that
engage (=move to obtain a particular action)

Because when it comes to branded content, a poweful creative execution must actívate brand attributes and values to estimulate concrete action on behalf of the consumer.

Any digital campaign must be omnichannel.
And this means simultaneaous action in real time
(this sounds similar, but is not the same).

And to launch it succesfully it is imperative to align messages and creativity with the particularities of each channel and the characteristics of the different segments to which the campaign will be directed.

And if we can rely on a bit of technological integration, all the better.

Social Media will prove interesting to
contribute to brand objectives
(if used correctly).

Because the risks of not using Social Media are almost as relevant as the risks of using Social Media incorrectly.

To avoid these risks it is advisable to have a sound monitoring strategy for our stakeholders in the social context.

And establish a model of use (typology and frequency by channel), of governance (partners and players) of economic return (KPIs) before deploying the content appropriately.

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