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The starting point in every project is not
only digital, but most of all strategic

What are our objectives, what is our operating reality and what limitations (if any) do we have in our ecosystems?

In the end its always about activating behaviours (transaction, prescription, traffic, relevance…) for our different users (consumers, clients, shareholders, employees…).

And to manage this we need to identify what type of experience we must offer, how it should be deployed and in which manner it should be managed.

The first point in any relational strategy is
having an aligned and integrated ecosystem

Making sure that all touchpoints, whether online or offline, are integrated and are feeding the same unique information source.

Only in this way will it be possible for brands to offer a true unique omnichannel experience with the ability to react to users interactions in realtime.

A Data Management Model that will help us execute
marketing actions that are more precise and efficient.

First, consolidating all data sources (traffic, multiplatform, social data, media analytics, ecommerce tracking, interactions in digital communications and promotional actions) and modelling such information.

At a later stage, identifying opportunities to reach relevant user segments through analysis and data drilling.

Changing the relational model between
people and brands?

In a context where communication is being done through many different digital windows in real time, this is more valuable than ever.

And to achieve this, it is vital to revise the economic return of our strategy (associating a weighted relational or monetary value to each interaction) and redefining the governance model that allows all related parties (brands, agencies, integrators) to deploy the strategy in a coordinated and efficient manner.

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